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 Kumora Seishin[Shinigami=sama]

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PostSubject: Kumora Seishin[Shinigami=sama]   Kumora Seishin[Shinigami=sama] Icon_minitimeWed Apr 01, 2009 8:51 pm

Name:Kumora Seishin
Age:Appears 26
Birth Date: February 15
Race: Shinigami

~Weight:About 187lbs.
~Hair:Kumora's hair changes with the temperature. In the heat his hair is brown and wildly unkempt, in cold his hair is black and straight to his neck
~Eyes: Icy blue
~Skin Colour: Slightly pale
Kumora wears this armor most of the time with the flames covering him as a cloak, when he wants he can change the flames so it flows from his neck as a scarf. Underneath his armor he has a thinner layer; he dons a black skin tight suit with the feet as tabi. He has a blue round spaulder on his left shoulder connected by a light flat strap to two blue armor pieces, one covering his breast and the other covering the top half of his back, he has a blue armor piece on his forearm. On his lower half he has a blue armor piece on his right thigh and one on his left shin. Although rarely seen like this, Kumora does where casual clothing consisting of an open light blue denim jacket with no undershirt, light gray skinny jeans and dark blue high top sneakers.
~Other:Kumora has a light scar on his right eye and one scar on his chest which is one slash going diagonally down right 4.5 inches and another going 7 inches diagonally left forming an abnormal X.

Stand alone abilities:
[Automatic ability]Shinigami skin-All shinigami are more resistant to weather than the other races.

Frost soul wavelength-Kumora has a special wavelength that has been expressed to be the coldest of anything in existence. Kumora has full control over his soul wavelength allowing for a number of different effects. Kumora can freeze the moisture in the air around him to create anything he pleases out of ice, these objects being slightly stronger than weapons forged of steel. Kumora can project his soul wavelength as well, manifesting it as a thin piercing ice beam and can focus it to his palm to freeze whatever he touches. Kumora’s soul wavelength has been revealed to be a icy blue color with a trident protruding from the front.

Shatter spirits-Small spirits shaped like Kumora’s helmet. They seem o have some sort of magic in them, they are all purpose and their true power is still unknown.

Personality:Kumora is usualy very cold as anybody would guess. He is very serious with any matter and doesn't beat around the bush. He is usually very soft when speaking almost sounding like a whisper and he is usually keeps his head slightly bowed. He is very sarcastic and usually makes a smart remark to what people say. When he is alone with Shiraha his attitude seems to shift a bit, often smiling around her and keeping his head up. He seems to have a more fun time around her.

Partner: Shiraha Yukimura

History: Kumora Seishin was born a shinigami and raised as a fighter. Almosthis whole life has been learning how to properly use most types of weapons as soon he would have to take his father's place as the protecter of the earth and the headmaster of Shibusen. Being a shinigami Kumora hadto have a death scythe. As such he was arranged a marriage to a death scythe whose name he had forgotten. Kumora hated that his partner was arranged and pleaded for it not to go through, but to no abide.

Kumora was aggrivated at this and fled Shibusen. After he found out about a country wide search for him, he left America and took refuge in Japan. One day he was alone in a forest staring into a running lake. He was approached by a girl in a tattered kimono who expressed concern for him. It made him happy to know that somebody cared about his feelings. After learning his name the girl had shortened his name to "Ku-chan." Although normally this would annoy Kumora, he smiled at it and thought it was cute. Upon discovering the girl, Shiraha, was a weapon he decided that this was the kind of person he wanted as a partner. Kumora returned home to Shibusen with Shiraha and decided to train her instead of marrying a death scythe.

After some time, Kumora’s skills had grown greatly and Shira was on the verge of becoming a death scythe. It was here he met his soon to be good friend Hao Yomi. He grew close to Hao and soon noticed something beyond bizarre not only in his soul wavelength, but in his the way he acted as well. This caused Kumora to become concerned and protective of Hao. After he was sent on a mission against the elder witch council, KKumora insisted upon going with Hao, but his father objected. Kumora eagerly awaited Hao’s return until the attack. As he looked at his father lying here lifeless he saw Hao’s figure. Distraught, Kumora swore vengeance on Hao’s betrayal as he became the new protector of death city.

RP Sample:
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Number of posts : 9
Registration date : 2009-03-03

Kumora Seishin[Shinigami=sama] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kumora Seishin[Shinigami=sama]   Kumora Seishin[Shinigami=sama] Icon_minitimeWed Apr 01, 2009 8:52 pm

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Kumora Seishin[Shinigami=sama]
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