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 Awaking of the kishin. (Incomplete Private topic with myself, closed)

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Hao Yomi
Hao Yomi

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Awaking of the kishin. (Incomplete Private topic with myself, closed) Empty
PostSubject: Awaking of the kishin. (Incomplete Private topic with myself, closed)   Awaking of the kishin. (Incomplete Private topic with myself, closed) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2009 10:48 pm

Somewhere in australia, in a area hidden from most of the population, was the very land that the kishin hao went into a slumber to rest his soul, hao had turned shibusen to ruin at he time, he had even killed the current shinigami, unbeknownst to the mighty kishin however the shinigami had not only attached his soul but the very entirety of his soul wavelength as well.Hao went into his hibernation, and once he did the shinigami's wavelength caused him to become sealed by his own insane soul wavelength, the kishin was trapped in a cocoon of his own darkness, never to be freed.That was the plan, however not everything went as planned, where their was one there where others, humans, eggs of the kishin who where drawn to hao's soul, for what reason would not be clear, one thing would be for sure however such a thing could break the seal and set him free.Hao was wrapped in a hardened form of darkness, it encased him entirely both body and soul, the seal kept him in an infinite state of hibernation, meant to never wake.The evil humans surronded hao, ten of them and they all began to chip away at the cocoon that imprisoned the kishin, the seal was impenetrable from the inside out however, from the outside in the cage of hardened darkness was quite weak, weak enough for even a human to break open.These humans where already eggs of the kishin, they could no longer be considered human and while they where well on the pat of the kishin, the evil men where no where near being a real kishin, although one would differ in opinion as none of them looked human anymore.Hao's presence could once again be felt, the madding wavelength of the kishin leaped outward from the cracks of the shell, seeming appearing as a black and orange aura, seeping outwards into as if it were a thick cloud of corruption.

In reality the beings that where releasing the mighty kishin, as inhuman as they where had no idea in what they where setting loose.Hao would not let them free and in all truths they where likely a threat to him, the shell cracked further and soon after it had broken open completly hao emerged from the dark prison.The demonic kishin wore nothing as his clothes had been worn down to litterly nothing after all of his years trapped, red shadow danced in movement in front of his never stopping as if it had a mind of its own, the shadow was like a blanket of darkness one that covered hao's bare body from his head to his toes.Hao staggered around in a odd manner almost as if he was a drunkard of some sort, the god had placed his left hand a top his head, running his fingers though his long light brown hair a few streaks of red throughout the brown.As if confused or in some form of amusement hao shook his head, he had no idea where he was.Hao suddenly has pulled aside the left side of his hair which had coverd the entirety of the front side of his face, his left green eye stared outwards at the ones who seemingly released him, his pupil a white beast like slit, instantly he began feeling a great deal of fright from those beings they could not be allowed to exist not them such scary creatures to him a god made of fear and maddness.The kishin's eye began to narrow to nothing more then a tiny dot, shaking his eye couldn't focus on any one thing, these being where scary oh so scary so very frightening, how to deal with them how to rid them from his sight.Such a scary thing had to be destroyed it had to be obliterated without a single trace left over, gone it must be gone sent out of sight for good.Hao staggered towards the evil humans, the eggs of the kishin, the seeds of what he was, they must be destroyed at all cost.

Hao continued pace towards the evil humans, his left hand gripped his head tightly, confused,scared, fearful, frightened of even these insignificant bugs who were nowhere near his level, such was the nature of the kishin.Hao was confused at where he was and why there were even others around him, insanity clouded his mind not thinking straight or logically, the only thought was to erase whatever caused this fear he felt so strongly.Hao suddenly lunged out quickly and unexpectedly at the evil humans, shoving his palm out flat though the ones chest killing it, immediently ripping out its soul devouring it whole.He began to think clearer and calming himself, hao began to look at the others around him, who appeared ready for a fight.This would not do he had suppressed his fear now free to slaughter them as he pleased.He sighed as a thought of the past a flash back of sorts ran though his head, frowning immediently and the demonic god looked closely at the rest of the evil humans his greed eyes stared coldly at them as if he wished to rip them limb from limb.Blood lust filled the air as the evil humans ignorantly prepared to assault the kishin, Hao merely kept an eye on them being more concerned over other events then these insignificant pieces of garbage.The events and the movements of the witches and shibusen their current status and power, he mentally pondered these questions and also wonder what they were doing.The witches out of hate of course and shibusen out of fear and worry.
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Awaking of the kishin. (Incomplete Private topic with myself, closed)
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