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An AU RP of the popular Soul Eater series
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 Rules(must read)

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PostSubject: Rules(must read)   Rules(must read) Icon_minitimeSat Apr 25, 2009 11:39 am


1. One account per character, please.
2. Your username must be the name of your character.
3. Limit to six characters per person, unless stated by Head Admin.

Common Rules:

1. Scenes of violence, blood and gore are filly allowed on this site.
2. Only two characters per person can be of higher status (i.e.Death scythe, kishin, etc) any of these that are inactive within a week without stating their absence will be removed.
3. If a person has a problem with another player's actions, and it cannot be resolved normally, contact an admin. They will get to the heart of the matter and take care of it. Also, any actions performed by a mod can be argued by an admin at any time.
4. Respect your fellow members, any flaming or rude comments will result in a ban.
5. No spamming of any kind is allowed here on this forum. If you are caught you will be temporarily banned and your posts deleted. There are exceptions to this rule, however, such as server glitches that accidentally cause a double post. If that happens, just delete the second post to save you trouble.
6. Avatars are recommended, and they should represent the character being played, if at all possible.

Game Rules:

1. Please act according to your character's personality. Emo characters cannot frollick in meadows and be merry. It just doesn't go that way.
2. NO GODMODDING! This is another not tolerated action. Anything that is able to hit someone from insane distances and kill them instantly is godmodding. No actions like that will be allowed and will be deleted on sight, so it's better not to do it in the first place.
3. You cannot describe other character's actions, unless you are reacting to something they did.
4. If a member wasn't on the forum for 2 days, it's allowed to described his/hers character's minor actions aka traveling with a group of characters he/she is with, also your allowed to control his actions in battle if he/she isn't available.
5. Do not think you can get away with making some super character. Everybody is initially the same and as such must follow the same laws of physics (well Soul eater physics for that matter) as everyone else.
6. You cannot do 100 actions at the same time in one post. Remember, each post is worth a mere moment of time in game, so it's not logical.
7. A character may only be in ONE RP topic at a time
8. Patience is golden. Some people have lives and can't sit in front of the computer every day, or all day for that matter.
9. If you have to be gone for any length of time, please inform everyone in a post detailing why you will be gone and please show a logical explanation for your character's disappearance in RP.
10.Since I'm positive this will come up. I was not going to put every single country in each category, if you want to post in a country it is unlisted, put the location next to the topic.

Post Rules:

1. Proper grammar and spelling is a must. I have to be able to make sense of what you are saying to make sure you are following the rules properly. Please always write a minumum of 3 lines per post. Oneliners are horrific, and will be asked to write more.
2. This is a third person RP with proper grammar. No use of asterisks for actions will be allowed. For those who are inept, third person is "she/he/it" or any appropriate name of the person.
3. Please include your characters thoughts, actions and speech in every post, unless they decide not to talk right then.
4. Please state where you came from and where you're going to go to. This helps win the war on confusion.

Fighting Rules:

1. If any character is in a position in which they will die then they will be officially deceased. The account will be kept as a state of reference to previous actions for plot purposes, but one muct make another account for a new character. If a character of higher status is killed the limit is reset for the user and they are allowed to have another high status character
2. You aren't invincible. Your character should take damage in each fight and not dodge everything. Anyone who is seen doing this will be told to redo their posts.
3. You cannot describe the reactions nor the emotions of another character. You're not them, so why try?
4. Auto-hitting is annoying and absolutely NOT allowed. If you autohit, your post will be deleted and you will have to redo the post.
5. During a battle there is a strict order for moves. For example your post must be always followed by the enemy's move. [ex. You, Enemy, You, Enemy, You, Enemy.] In the case of group battle post order is to be written by the person who started the topic. [ex. You ~~> Enemy1 ~~> Enemy 2.] Post order is to be followed.
6. Reading people's posts is appreciated and recommended. It not only helps the flow of the RP, but saves people from staring at you in confusion. So, save yourself any and all embarrassment and just read it.
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Rules(must read)
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