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An AU RP of the popular Soul Eater series
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 Weapon template

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PostSubject: Weapon template   Weapon template Icon_minitimeSat Mar 07, 2009 5:50 pm

Birth Date: [Year not required.]
Race: Weapon

~Skin Colour:

~Weapon form:[The form you take as a weapon, or if you are a stand alone weapon; the parts of the body you change for use of battle]
~Stand alone abilities:[Weapons are allowed two abilities that they can use by themselves without a technician]
~Resonance abilities:[The abilities weapons can use in weapon form with a technician, you are allowed two from the start and gain one more for every 100 posts]


Partner:[You and another user with a technician to agree on being partners, if not post on the match making board and we will assign a partner to you]

History:[Birth, when you found out you were a weapon, joining shibusen, etc. At least two paragraphs.]

RP Sample: * [Must provide one if you are applying for a Death scythe. Otherwise you may leave this out.]
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Weapon template
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