Requiem of Souls

An AU RP of the popular Soul Eater series
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 Not complete sorry Zeno

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PostSubject: Not complete sorry Zeno   Sun Mar 08, 2009 3:43 am

Name: Jack Jack Jaden
Gender: Male
Age: 155
Birth Date: Oct 24
Race: Werewolf

~Height:5'9 Wolf:6'7
~Weight:134 Wolf:356
~Hair: Silver Blue
~Eyes: Yellow
~Skin Colour: Tan
~Clothing: He wheres a Black School uniform, white tie, white slacks. WHen he is out working/Hunting he wheres a black T-shirt and black jeans. He likes to lurk in the shadows.

Werewolf form:

Abilities: He can move at amazingly fast speeds, not to mention how strong he becomes. He is surronded by Static and he is Lightning alligned.

Memory Shock: His claws glow with yellow and he slashes his opponent. This makes the user feel as if they are doing things backwards. They cant focus and be come disoriented.

Frighten: The opponent is surrounded by an electric cage. If the person trys to move they will be shocked and stuned.

Blurr Shock: He loses his physical form. He is able to move threw his opponent. He moves so fast that wherever he gos there is a yellow trail. If caught in this trail it will shock you.

History:[At least two paragraphs]

RP Sample: * [Must provide one if you are applying for a Head wolf. Otherwise you may leave this out.]
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Not complete sorry Zeno
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