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 Yukimura Shiraha

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PostSubject: Yukimura Shiraha   Yukimura Shiraha Icon_minitimeTue Mar 31, 2009 7:50 pm

Name: Yukimura "Shira" Shiraha
Gender: Female
Age: Appears 19
Birth Date: April 4th
Race: Weapon

~Height: 5' 4"
~Weight: 122 lbs
~Hair: Snow white
~Eyes: Turquoise green
~Skin Colour: Pale cream
~Clothing: Black sleeveless top underneath of a blue vest, ice blue ribbon tied onto her left arm, jeans with a hole in the knee, black shoes, black choker, and a cross pendant hanging around her neck.

~Weapon form:
Yukimura Shiraha Ice_sc10

Blue scythe with blue stones embedded at her hilt and the blade almost giving off a faint blue glow, which radiates both intense cold and heat at once. She can also transform her arm into a blade if she's alone.
~Stand alone abilities: Tsumetai Musho (freezing prison) - Shira charges forward and abruptly stops, kicking upward and using her forward momentum to send off a freezing wave that freezes anything it touches. Slowly fans out toward the end as it shoots out in a straight line, trying to ensnare her opponent in a case of ice. Lasts up to 5 turns, unless enough heat or fire is used to cause it to melt.

~Resonance abilities: Dragon of Blue Fire - Shira is spun around over her partner's head, the blue fire surrounding her blade and burning bright. She is then swung in front of them, the fire leaving her blade and forming into a dragon composed entirely of the blue fire as it hurdles toward the opponent, ready to devour him.

Personality: Warm and friendly, Shira is usually a rather easy person to get along with. She is kind and gentle up until you hurt her friends, which is when she tends to become quite fierce, unwilling to let the events of her past happen again. She tends to be rather energetic and mischievous, but calms down around her partner, Kumora, whom she deeply cares about and would defend to the end.

Partner: Kumora Seishin

History: Born into a loving family of weapons in Japan, she lived in peace with her mother, father, and elder brother. Being the only family of weapons in her village, she and her family were deeply respected as the defenders of the village and she never went without praise or love. That is, until the day strangers came to the village and demanded food and lodging. They stayed for many days and brought much strain to the usually peaceful village until Shira bravely approached them one day and asked them if they could pay the village for their hospitality, or leave, since no one was happy with them around. One of them became enraged and was about to strike the child when the strong hand of her father caught him and firmly told the group to leave and never come back. Leave, they did, but they came back with a vengence not long after and destroyed every life and home they could on their way to where the Yukimura family lived. Seeing the raiding party on their way to their home, her father rounded up both of his children and sent them into the forest to the rear of the property while he stayed behind with his wife and fought to defend their home, only to fall in the end.

Meanwhile, Shira and her elder brother, fled deep into the forest, where she was taught how to survive until they came across a rather fiendish lot of bandits. She fought to defend herself, but was inexperienced and was easily overwhelmed and pushed back while her brother struggled to defend them both. Eventually, they turned and ran, using whatever they could to disrupt their trail or distract the bandits until her brother, having been badly wounded fell in the road. Shira turned to look at him in alarm, only to discover that she couldn't stop. She continued running until she found a small hollow of a tree to crawl into, the sleeve of her kimono tearing a little thanks to the rough wood. It was there that she allowed herself to catch her breath and, very silently, cry herself to sleep.

About a week later, she was wandering in the forest, having just eaten her breakfast of fish from a nearby river with a handful of berries she had picked, when she stumbled across a small meadow. Having never seen anything so beautiful in her life, the dirty child stood in awe of the flowers, and how they blew in the breeze, before she smiled for the first time since before the tragedy occurred and rushed out into their midst. There, she laughed and played amongst the flowers, and even considered picking a few before she felt like she was no longer alone in the meadow. Worriedly, she looked up and saw a boy not too far off. Suddenly feeling rather curious, she slowly rose to her feet and continued to stare at him, wondering who he was, and where he was from. The expression on his face seemed to be rather cold, though she could tell that he was a bit upset by something. It was then that she moved and approached him, asking if anything was wrong before she politely introduced herself to him, bowing deeply and respectfully in her dirty, tattered, kimono.

After some time of chatting with him she came to know that his name was Kumora Seishin, which she promptly shortened to "Ku-chan" since it was cuter, and a lot easier for her to say, and that he was the son of the current Shinigami, who presided over a school for technicians and weapons called Shibusen. Amazed by this information, she then proceeded to ask him various questions in order to get to know him better before she told him about herself, and explained her situation, as well as made a rather embarrassed comment about her clothing. Before long, the pair were good friends and, when he had to return home to America, she went along with him, promising to be a good friend and obedient weapon for him, and has been by his side ever since.

RP Sample: (Please pardon the Japanese in here. Shira is Japanese and likely didn't know English at the time of the flashback, so I threw it in to be accurate. For reference, what she's saying is "Ooh, pretty!" and "Are you okay?" in that order.)

I had that dream again. You know, the one of the day we met? I have never forgotten that day, even after all this time. I woke up cold and hungry that morning and the fish were less than cooperative for me. I wound up having to heat up the water so that the fish couldn't take it and would slow down enough and let me catch them. I promptly cooled it back down, though. Just wasn't fair to the other fish.

I then built myself a fire, feeling rather glad that I could use fire as well as ice. I was such a little cheater. One tiny spark from my power, and I set the pile of sticks ablaze, cooking the fish so I could eat it. It never tasted as good as my mother's cooking back while she was alive, but I couldn't be picky. I had to survive for my family, after all. It was what they wanted.

Once I was done eating, I thought it wise to resume moving, since I didn't know if the people that destroyed my home, or the bandits, were still looking for me. It was only safe to assume that they still were and keep moving until I could find somewhere safe to stay for a while. I came across some patches of berries that looked good and so stooped to pick them up. Once I popped one in my mouth, I hurriedly devoured as many as I deemed ripe. Never have I tasted a berry so sweet!

I soon came across the meadow, where, I stood there, mouth agape for a while. "Aa, kirei..." I breathed and, before a fly could possibly think it was a cave and explore it, I closed it and ran out into the field of gorgeous wildflowers. There were yellow ones, violet ones, red ones, and my favourite-- blue flowers. I laughed and ran through the flowers and had stooped down over a blue one, wondering if I should pick it, when you came, bringing your melancholy into the colourful meadow.

I wasn't quite sure what to think of you at first, but after a while of watching you, I decided that I wanted you as my friend. You seemed a little upset over something, so it was the perfect chance. Smiling softly, I chose that moment to approach you, despite my initial apprehension over my clothes. I really looked terrible, after all. However, despite it all, I approached you, and I never regret what I said to get your attention: "Doushitan desu ka?"
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PostSubject: Re: Yukimura Shiraha   Yukimura Shiraha Icon_minitimeFri May 08, 2009 12:20 pm

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Yukimura Shiraha
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