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An AU RP of the popular Soul Eater series
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 Yomi, Hao. The Kishin.

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Hao Yomi
Hao Yomi

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Yomi, Hao. The Kishin. Empty
PostSubject: Yomi, Hao. The Kishin.   Yomi, Hao. The Kishin. Icon_minitimeTue Mar 31, 2009 8:32 pm

Name:Hao, Yomi


Age:Unknown. Appears to be around 23

Birth Date:March 20 [Year not required.]



~Height: 5,10

~Weight: 200 pounds

~Hair: His hair is a light brown and long enough to reach the top of his shoulders, his hair has red stripe lines streaks all though it that are straight in a line with certain parts in the streaks that are the normal color of his hair brown.

~Eyes:His eyes change color at times so it is different due to them changing color alot.But the normal color they are is a light green.His pupils are beast like thin slits the pupils themselves are white.

~Skin Colour:Light peach.

~Clothing: Hao wears a long sleeved red shirt loosly on his upper half, the shirt has black diamond shaped patterns all about it.The kishin wears loose bell bottom pants with a belt.

~Other:Extra eyes occasionally open in different areas of his body.His soul wave-length carries the wave length of madness coupled with his anti-demonic wave-length forming an odd mixture of the two. He wears a number of pirecings on his right ear, four silver small hoop earrings to be exact.His right arm is odd in that it has a number of odd green markings up and down it as if runes of some sort.The said right arm is a pale color noticebly alot lighter then any other place on his body giving it a dead look.


Hao being a kishin is entitled and has certain abilites centered around what he is and yet all a part of the same ability.Firstly He has the ability to attack an defend with his soul wavelength though bare handed combat or though an object.Secondly he can create massive amounts of black and red shadow and darkness from his wavelength, this darkness/shadow can take many forms such as arm's or even weapons and it is reinforced with his wavelength the distance to where theses shadows/darkness can reached is vast.Hao's body can regenerate at an extremely high speed rate healing wounds and regrowing lost limbs are all due to his body being that of a kishin's a gods, his body can survive wounds thay would kill a human.Lastly he can call forth his former partners weapon form and ability to fight with as he ate her soul and it is now a part of his, the snow white blade celestia works together with his wavelength making quite the potent weapon.The blade from out from his mouth in the form of black mist.

Abyssal White Blade:Using the blade celestia hao can fire a powerful and destructive large white blast from it depending on where the blade is changes the blast look.For example if the blade is being used as a normal katana hao would slash the blade releasing the blast in a large white blade shaped burst, or is the blade tip is poking out from his mouth it fire's in a straight beam.

Demonic Arm:Hao's right arm is far from normal as when active it is surrounded by his wavelength turning the the arm into a large clawed weapon each strike from it delivers a power burst from his wavelength, it is strong enough to be used for both offense and defense.When active the arm leaps with an orangish aura when slashed the claws can release a wavelength burst in the shape of the clawed fingers.

Hao's personality is dual meaning it has two different sides to it that he has no control over which one is active the first being.Hao's first and original personality, he is emotional and gloomy keeping to himself being very reclusive, often depressed he is very self loathing though not without kindess at least towards those he still considers a friend. He is sadistic and vicious at times, and he can be quite cruel and feelingless towards others for no apparent reason, though at times he can be caring and kind depending on weither or not he is capable of suppressing the madness and insanity and has control over it, he is a very distant person.Hao's second halve of his personality is, insane frightened of everything, unreasonable by all means his insanity and madness are reflected in his actions, he will attack anything that makes a move towards him as he is frightened of anything and everything.

Hao yomi was born to a simple family in a large city, there where not rich yet not poor leading a simple yet happy life.That was untill on his 5th birth-day his parents where murdered, while hao himself hid in his room he watch the whole thing.He was afraid and yet watching his parents die something in him snapped a feeling of madness clouded his view a blanket of insanity covered his mind.He grabbed his fathers old katana and attacked the killers and.
One soul.
The kantana pierced the first killers heart killing him instantly.
Two soul's.
The kantana swung around slashing the second killers stomach open swinging around again to slit his throat.

Three soul's
The katana impaled the last killer on it's blade killing him.

The three man now lay lifeless in the room, there souls floating in mid air.Hao as if some sort of primitive instinct had took over, devoured the souls whole a crazed look in his eyes.Heading towards the door dragging the blade much larger then his tiny body across the ground, hao left his home seemingly driven by something he did not understand.His next stop was a run down area in the city he lived in, still dragging the blade along with him.He caught the attention of a local crime lord's men that prowled the streets, they approached hao whom had stopped moving his eyes spinning and shifty wildly.

Without any warning hao slashed the men straight down the middle, the one still alive fired his gun at hao who in one fluid movement that was not expected he flinged his body sideways avoiding the bullet and slashing the man to bits.Hao proceeded to devour there soul's before continuing down the street.Somehow hao found his way into the crime lords mansion, the crime lord was an egg of the kishin from eating human souls.Before long the mansion was full of dead bodies and souls even the crime lord himself was among them.The soul's had already been devoured by hao at this point he disappeared from the mansion.

Hao despite only being a child 7 years of age was fast on the path of the kishin.The next notable place he ended up was a small town near death city having stop a great deal of places in which everyone and there soul's disappeared, truth be told hao had killed them he ate there soul's petty crooks and killers they may have been it still fueled his path to unknowingly becoming a kishin.Hao hid out in the town for awhile having calmed and temporarily regained his sense's he realized what he had done was wrong somehow.The town happened to be under the plot of a witch and shibusen was to deal with this witch in particular this just so happened to catch hao inbetween it all.

Though hao had went on a soul eating rampage he moved around so much there was not a face to the culprit.So he wasn't known as the one who did it after all there was a much better one to blame at hand a witch.Shibusen moved in on the witch and soon her castle was engulfed in combat while hao stayed safely hidden in an alleyway.Hao could hear it the fighting and oddly enough the cry of the soul's as some as they died as regained calm composure shook.For some odd reason or another he found himself moving slowly but surely closer and closer to the raging battle.Soul's littered the battlefield unbeknownst to anyone one by one he devoured the soul's like a gluttonous monster.

He made his way past the fighting and into where the main witch of this whole thing was at.At this point shibusen had won the battle and was heading in to finish the job but killing the witch.The leader in this assault from shibusen came in only to find the young hao standing over the witchs corpse as he ate her soul.Hao's visage as he ate the soul of the witch was less the human despite being a child he was slowly becomnig something that was not human.Because of what he was doing and how he appeared the shibusen soilders decided to view hao as a threat, something in which hao who was currently just a mad beast who's actions where decided on a type of primal instinct alone.

He knocked the soilders unconscious speeding towards there leader.The man and his weapon partner entered soul resonance and the man charged towards hao with his sword.Hao darted and leaped at the man bringing his kantana down at him only to have it blocked and in return a counter attack, knocking hao backwards skidding across the ground.Flipping back to his feet hao lunged at the man in a dead lock of there blades, hao wasn't done just yet he did something the man did not expect.Hao took one hand from the kantana palm flat smashing it into the mans gut attacking him with his soul wavelength.The man coughed up blood as he staggered backwards looking up to see a frightning hao standing over him.His pupils nothing but inhuman slit's hao's wavelength could be seen around him extending outwards.The orange wavelength was huge hao's eye's glemed a light red clolor as he stared down on the man.

Hao had the eye's of a demon and yet he retained his human thoughts the madness was suppressed for a moment.Hao spoke to the man looking him straight in the eye's.He told the man he wished to see the world though clear eye's just like a normal person, that is why he doe's what he doe's.At this moment he regained himself he let his guard down from which at this moment hao was stabbed and lost consciousness.The man felt sorry for hao and as he had shown signs of suppressing the madness and insanity of his unusually strong and large soul wavelength.The man took hao back to shibusen where he would later become a Technician.Hao was one of the brightest there a genius with a soul 100 time's stronger then a normal humans.He was distant from others however gloomy and emotional.Though this soon passed as he met some whom he became friends with.The ones whon he felt as his best friends and trusted with his left, the shinigami's son Kumora Seishin the weapon Shiraha yukimura and even his weapon partner who he felt as more then just a friend.

The more he got to know others the better hao was at suppressing the insanity and madness that plagued him.He soon found out that he possessed a unique soul wavelength the anti-demonic wavelength that was very uncommon to say the least.The control of this give hao greater abililty to push the madness deeper within and at some point it appeared he had beaten it.His weapon partner cherish also had a unique wavelength one that calmed the madness in soul's this to great effect contributed to his control over the insanity as he was around her most of his time.He loved her and likewise to him they where one of the most skilled team of that time and often sent out to hunt witches and the like never failing in there missions.At this point in time hao was already 23 year's of age and cherish was a death scythe.

They where sent out on a mission to where a elder council witch had gotten her hands on a demonic tool.Hao and cherish's along with thoses who came with them's job was to take the demonic tool and eliminate the witch and her underlings.Thing's didn't go so smoothly.What was supposed to be a simple mission turned into a slaughter shibusen on the losing side.There where far more then one witch it was a very well planned trap in which they knew shibusen was coming. They even recruited werewolves on there side things where looking bad and yet hao and the others charged in head first.Something soon happened that turned the tide of battle for shibusen and not in a good way.Cherish reverted to her human form and blocked a blow sent toward's an exhausted hao by a witch with her own body an attack that he could not possibly block.Hao watched as she drop to the ground lifeless the blow had left a large hole straight though her chest.

The witch sent another blade towards hao who was now cowering over his partners lifeless corpse.The blade was caught in his right hand from which he projected his wavelength though.Without seconds hao was behide the which his right palm outstretched heading straight for the witch, who barely moved out of the way of his incredibly fast attack.The force of his wavelength left a crater where his palm smashed into the ground.Hao look up towards the witch his eye's shaking not focused on one thing.Hao left out a loud painful scream as he grabbed his head with both hands, it sounded like nothing that could come from a human being.Hao's eye's glowed bright red his pupil's dilated to slit's in a single moment hao sped past the witch at this time her side was ripped clean off by his right arm that was now a large black clawed appendage.The claw was holding the witch's soul which in that time hao had ripped from her now dead body.

Tear drops fell from his face as he devoured the witchs soul stumbleing over to his partner's soul's as he ate it.He pulled an odd black mist substance from his mouth forming it into a snow white blade that of his partners weapon form.He continued to shed tears as his wavelength grew stronger larger and his very soul began to change.His consciousness was locked inside his soul's which appeared to be flooded with water in truth it was the madness and insanity consuming him.Hao gasps for air inhaling the off red water thinking to himself as he drowns in it.He thinks for those he thinks of as friends to forgive him, he feel to his madness his own insanity he was unable to defeat it unable to see the blue sky though clear eye's.

Hao's wavelegth grew to an unimaginable enmormous size.So strong the ground around him shook.Countless arms of shadow and darkness shoot outward from his body grabbing up every soul's of the dead who had fallen in this battle reguardless of weither they where his comrades or not.The arms brought the soul's back to hao where he devoured them all a third orange eye opened on his forehead and soon after all over his body.Hao was no longer human he had become exactly what shibusen existed to prevent from being born.A kishin was what he was and he proceeded to use that very same power to kill the witchs and all of there comrades eating there soul's one by one before floating up into the sky.Hao disappeared from sight without a trace to where even shibusen could not find him, though there reports explained exacly what happened to him and he was known to be a kishin from then onward.

Hao returned to shibusen standing atop a tall building.Large blue wings bursted out from his back sending a snow rain of feathers across shibusen.The kishin proceed to attack shibusen and was met head on by the shinigami.Hao fought the shinigami and their fight caused ennough destruction to turn a portion of shibusen into dust before the shinigami was killed by hao.After this hao left shibusen fighten of what his friends might think of his actions.His motives where not out of fear however.Hao believed shibusen knew of the trapped that he and his partner walked into.Although he had done this he still somewhere cared about the friends he still had.No matter how insane he had become he still felt for them as friends at times.Hao took one last look at shibusen before he left for good.Hao however would return one day it was certain that the past would catch up with him.For now he did nothing but console his soul still hunting witches to the current day.

RP Sample:

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Yomi, Hao. The Kishin. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Yomi, Hao. The Kishin.   Yomi, Hao. The Kishin. Icon_minitimeWed Apr 01, 2009 8:00 pm

Great job on this one, as expected of course.

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Yomi, Hao. The Kishin.
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